7 Insider Secrets: How To Sell Your Home for Top Dollar
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Buying or Selling a Home, or Investing in Property is a major decision and one which deserves the counsel of a seasoned Real Estate Professional with a Team behind them. My life-long passion for real estate and negotiating WIN-WIN deals makes me an invaluable resource to you in achieving your Real Estate goals.

As a Buyer, you can depend upon me to navigate you through the journey so you arrive in your Dream Home and truly ‘Love Where You Live.’ My Buyers really appreciate my LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT Guarantee!*

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It’s always good to have a Realtor to negotiate on your behalf. The National Association of Realtors shows that Buyers end up with better representation, most times a better price, and don’t get the bait and switch on appliances, or other items that can happen when not represented properly. So, please feel free to reach out to me for a recommendation if you are not in my area.

As a Seller, you will find that choosing to partner with me will be an easy decision. From providing you state of the art marketing tools, utilizing a database of both domestic and international buyers, client referrals, and having with a specialty in waterfront property. It’s easy to see why I recently set the record on Lauderdale Beach for the highest priced sale.
Having been a Beverly Hills Financial Analyst for 10 years, I understand the time value of money and will negotiate on your behalf for the best price in the quickest time for an effortless close. Combining both traditional and outside-the-box marketing has proven to be a formula that has led to top Producing Success for over 20 years.

Discernment, confidentiality, negotiating, and a good sense of humor have served me well in assisting my amazing clients from all over the world as well as my neighbors and friends in Fort Lauderdale.

My specialty is creating a great Real Estate ‘Experience’ that is stress free – whether you are vacationing at our Luxury Vacation Rentals, I am assisting you with a Purchase or Sale, or you are securing our Property Management Services.


Choosing to partner with Keller Williams was an easy decision; they are the #1 Real Estate Company not only in America, but in the world. They have the same WIN-WIN philosophy that I do. And, you have the entire KW Team behind you – not just a single KW Agent.

Plus, my team includes seasoned brokers and agents, two wonderful Mortgage Loan Companies, a great appraisal team, an amazing home inspection company, real estate attorneys, a title company, and so many more individuals ready to serve you.

Now is the Time . . .

Whether you are thinking of buying or selling, NOW is the time. 2018 is expected to be one of the busiest years in real estate in the past 20 years.

This is a WIN-WIN for both groups.

And with interest rates rising, but still reasonably low, it benefits both groups of people. Our buyers can still qualify for loans and sellers are still getting good prices for their homes.

No doubt, rates will continue to rise later in this year. Consider this—especially if you are on the fence. When the FED raises interest rates 1%, that is like cutting home prices by 10%.

Why? Because 10% of the buyers will no longer be able to qualify for the bigger loan.

At the entry price point or start homes, in most markets, we have a shortage of inventory. Homes are selling quickly – in a matter of days. In Fort Lauderdale this would be homes under $250,000 or even in some parts of the city $350,000.

At mid-price points and higher, it is still a very brisk market, however, there is some room for buyer negotiation. In the Luxury market, homes are selling quickly (in 6-9 months or less) when priced correctly.

Remember, if you are Selling, it is always a price war and beauty competition. You want to have the best price and be the MOST Beautiful home – and you will sell quickly! If you do this, there will be multiple offers and possible offers over your asking price.

Now, Buyers, did you know, you don’t need the perfect credit score? My Mortgage Loan Officers are getting borrows qualified with scores as low as 620 (albeit that is not the norm).

And, you do not need to have 20% saved for a down payment. The FHA has a program for first time home buyers where the down payment is just 3.5%. And qualified Veteran’s can purchase with zero percent down.

Millennials take heart, you can get qualified too – even with school loans.

My goal is to be your Partner & Trusted Advisor.

* Love it or Leave it Guarantee. If you purchase a home from me and you don’t love it, notify me within 90 days of closing. I will sell it for you and waive my commission. I simply ask you to purchase your next home from me.